Default chit-chat/smalltalk capabilities of ARI#

ARI comes with default ‘chit-chat’ dialogue capabilities.

This page gives an overview of which commands the robot understands (for each entry, small language variations are permissible).


As of pal-sdk-23.1, we provide ‘chit-chat’ capabilities for the robot in the following languages:

  • en_US

  • es_ES

  • ca_CA

New languages might be added in future version. You can also translate the chit-chat chatbot to your language by copying ~/.pal/chatbots-enabled/en_US/ to your locale (e.g. ~/.pal/chatbots-enabled/de_DE), and translate the corresponding entries in the subfolder’s file.

You can also create your chatbots from scratch by following this tutorial: Tutorial: create, translate or update a chatbot.




What can you help me with?/What can you do?

What is your name?

How tall are you?

How much do you weight?

How old are you?

When is your birthday?

Are you a boy or a girl?

What is your tablet for?

Can I trust you?

Are you intelligent?

Where do you live?

How is the weather today?

Internet access

I love you/I hate you

Are you a robot?

Are you a human?

How are you?

What did I say?

Who created you?

Do you know the laws of robotics?

Do you have friends?

Can we be friends?

Do you detect emotions?

Do you eat?

Do you think robots will replace humans?

What is the time?

How is the weather in [city]

Internet access

How is the weather today?

Internet access

Are you charging?

Running on the robot

What is the battery level?

Running on the robot

Are you connected to the internet?

Running on the robot

What is you IP adress?

Running on the robot with Internet access

What languages can you speak?

Running on the robot




Necesito que me ayudes

Como te llamas?

Cuánto mides?

Cuánto pesas?

Cuántos años tienes?

Eres chico o chica?

Para que es tu pantalla?

Puedo fiarme de ti?

Eres inteligente?

Dónde vives?

Que tiempo hace?

Internet access

Te quiero/Te odio

Eres un robot?

Eres humano?

Que tal estas?

Puedes repetir?

Quién te ha creado?

Sabes las leyes de la robótica?

Tienes amigos?

Podemos ser amigos?

Puedes detectar emociones?

Te gusta comer?

Crees que los robots remplazarán a los humanos?

Que hora es?

Qué tiempo hace en [ciudad]?

Internet access

Estás cargando?

Running on the robot

Cuanta batería tienes?

Running on the robot

Estas conectado a internet?

Running on the robot

Cuál es tu dirección de red?

Running on the robot and Internet access

Que idiomas puedes hablar?

Running on the robot




Necessito que m’ajudis

Com et dius?

Quant mesures?

Quant peses?

Quants anys tens?

Ets noi o noia?

Per què és la teva pantalla?

Puc fiar-me de tu?

Ets intel·ligent?

On vius?

Quin temps fa?

Internet access


Ets un robot?

Ets humà?

Com estàs?

Pots repetir?

Qui t’ha creat?

Saps les lleis de la robòtica?

Tens amics?

Podem ser amics?

Pots detectar emocions?

T’agrada menjar?

Creus que los robots reemplaçaran als humans?

Quina hora és?

Quin temps fa a [ciudad]?

Internet access

Estàs carregant?

Running on the robot

Quanta bateria tens?

Running on the robot

Estàs connectat a internet?

Running on the robot

Quina és la teva adreça de xarxa?

Running on the robot with Internet access

Quins idiomes pots parlar?

Running on the robot

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