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/pal_startup_control/get_log_file Quick Facts


Robot management

Returns the path of the log file of the specified app. See Configure an application to launch at start-up.

Quick snippets#

Call the service from command-line#
$ rosservice call /pal_startup_control/get_log_file
# (tip: press Tab to complete the message prototype)
Call the service from a Python script#
#!/usr/bin/env python

import rospy
from .srv import *

if __name__ == "__main__":


        proxy = rospy.ServiceProxy("/pal_startup_control/get_log_file", )
        response = proxy(args...) # check the  message type for the expected arguments

    except rospy.ServiceException as e:
        rospy.logerror("Service call failed: %s" % e)

REST endpoint#

You can also access this service from a webpage displayed on the robot’s touchscreen via this endpoint:


(replace ari-0c by the serial number of your own robot).

See REST interface for the general documentation of the REST endpoints and code samples.