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robot_state_publisher Quick Facts


ARI hardware

Debian package



Maintainer: Chris Lalancette <>, Maintainer: Ian McMahon <>, Maintainer: Shane Loretz <>, Ioan Sucan <>, Jackie Kay <>, Wim Meeussen <>



Source code

This package allows you to publish the state of a robot to tf2.

Once the state gets published, it is available to all components in the system that also use tf2. The package takes the joint angles of the robot as input and publishes the 3D poses of the robot links, using a kinematic tree model of the robot. The package can both be used as a library and as a ROS node. This official ROS package has been well tested and the code is stable. More informations on the ROS wiki.

Node management#

How to check the status of the node?#

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How to access the node’s logs?#

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How to start/stop/restart the node#

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Using in your code/application#

Access via the robot’s GUI#

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Access via ROS standard tools#

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Using in Python#

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Using in C++#

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Subscribed topics#

Published topics#

Actions server#

Actions client#