List of ROS Parameters#

This page list all the ROS actions exposed by the SDK 23.1.


The parameters documented on this page are the only ones officially supported in pal-sdk-23.1.

Additional ROS parameters might be exist on the robot, for internal purposes. They are however not part of the documented and supported robot API.

Alphabetic index#

By capability#

Expressive interactions#

  • /robot_face (documentation) Set of parameters defining the appearance of the robot face and expressions

ARI hardware#

  • /master_calibration/ari_rgbd_sensors_calibration/ir_torso_exposure (documentation)

  • /master_calibration/user_preferences (documentation)

  • /pal/playback_volume (documentation) set the audio volume of the robot, from ~30 to 100

Robot management#

Gestures and motions#

Social perception#

  • /humans/faces/width (documentation) width in pixels of the cropped faces published under /humans/faces/XYZ/cropped, /humans/faces/XYZ/aligned and /humans/faces/XYZ/frontalized.

  • /humans/faces/height (documentation) height in pixels of the cropped faces published under /humans/faces/XYZ/cropped, /humans/faces/XYZ/aligned and /humans/faces/XYZ/frontalized

  • /human_description_* (documentation) URDF models of detected humans. Automatically generated by hri_fullbody. See the ROS4HRI Kinematic Model of the Human for details.

  • /humans/match_threshold (documentation) the minimum level of likelihood to consider a face/body/voice to belong to a given person.

  • /humans/reference_frame (documentation) persons’ TF frames must be published with respect to reference_frame. Typically, faces/bodies/voices frames are published wrt to their respective sensors frame. reference_frame is usually a ‘static’ frame (eg map), so that if the person moves out of view of the robot (and therefore, its position can not be updated anymore), it remains where it was last seen, independently of any possible robot motion.

Speech and language processing#