ARI’s unboxing#


Before unboxing your robot, please review the safety and regulatory instructions here Safety and regulatory reference.

What’s in the box#

The ARI box will contain the following items:

  • ARI Robot

  • Battery Charger and Charger Adapter

  • USB flash drive with installation software

  • Docking station (optional)

  • NVIDIA Jetson (optional)

../_images/ari_package_content.png ../_images/ari_docking_station.png

Unboxing ARI#

ARI comes with a Quick Start guide. Below are the instructions from the Quick Start guide on how to unbox the robot:


Remove the protective foam, pulling from the central part. The foam can be reused, please store it carefully.


Warning: never pull or push ARI’s arms and head when boxing or unboxing the robot.

Use the lateral and rear handles to remove ARI out of the box.



Take care when wheeling ARI from inside the box to the floor, especially with the back wheels.

Don’t leave ARI close to ramps or stairs. The floor should be flat, dry and free from obstacles closer than 1 meter.

Take into account the environment recommendations before switching ARI on.

To clean ARI, follow the safety instructions closely.

Next steps#

Now that you have your ARI outside the box, continue with: