List of ROS Actions#

This page lists all the ROS actions exposed by the SDK 23.1.


Only the actions contributing to the public API of the pal-sdk-23.1 are listed here.

Additional ROS actions might be present on the robot, for internal purposes. They are however not part of the documented and supported robot API.

Alphabetic index#

By capability#

ARI hardware#

  • /pal_led_manager/do_effect (documentation) Controls the various LEDs or ARI. You can select the desired set of LEDs, a colour effect, duration and priority, as well as provide effect-specific parameters (like the desired color).

    See LEDs API for details.

Robot management#

Gestures and motions#


  • /go_and_dock (documentation) Sends the robot to the Dokstation POI and once reached it starts the docking manouver

  • /move_base (documentation) Implements the Point to Point Navigation. You can select a Goal in the map and the robot will start moving to reach the desired goal while avoiding obstacles

  • /pal_image_navigation_node/image_goal (documentation)

  • /pal_image_navigation_node/image_look (documentation)

  • /undocker_server (documentation) Performs an undocking manoeuver on the robot

Speech and language processing#