Creating no-code user interactions with ARI#

If you are looking for ways to play with ARI without having to worry about the inner complexity of programming with specific languages or dealing with ROS, you can start here!

ARI comes with additional tools that will help you with tasks such as configuring the robot, programming simple applications or testing and debugging your system. These tools, though limited in terms of developing behaviors for the robot, are quite useful. Even if you are an advanced developer, you’ll find them very helpful for both, diagnosing and developing processes.

  • WebGUI: is a tool designed to simplify the configuration of the robot as well as the user experience. Check the Using the WebGUI page to learn about its features.

  • WebCommander: is a web page hosted in the robot that can be accessed from any web browser. It contains visualizations of the state of ARI’s hardware, applications and installed libraries, as well as tools to configure parts of its behaviour. Check the The WebCommander tool page to learn about its features.

See also#

You might want to check ARI app development to get started with developing behaviors for ARI.